Thinking about eScience…


From 2009: the Wilbanks interview is still excellent.

In a couple weeks I will be off to Oxford, England for the All Hands eScience and IEEE eScience joint meeting. I’m looking ahead to blogging and Tweeting about what is happening there. I would guess that most of the ESIPers will be headed west to the AGU meeting in San Francisco. eScience is a big topic, and it covers a lot of ground, from informatics to the governance of virtual organizations. A lot of ESIPs are already supporting eScience through the ESIP WIKIs and the SOAP services they provide for data access an manipulation. So… what’s next in eScience. That’s what I’m looking for. John Wilbanks from the Science Commons had a great quote recently: ‘If we can lower the cost of failure and increase the interconnection and discoverability of the things we actually know, it’s one of the only non-miraculous ways to systematically increase the odds in our favor to discover drugs, understand climate change, and generally make good choices in a complex world,’

I’ll post blogs here and also at  Need to see how searchable the ESIPFed site is.

Photo Credit: NASA1fan/msfc   cc licensed

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